We Can’t Sleep!

Shelley and Lisa are in full swing preparing for the ticket sales to commence for 2019 Melbourne Frocktails!  We have been in contact with our valued sponsors who have loyally supported us in previous years, and we have welcomed new sponsors on board – we can’t wait to share them with you.

We have also teamed up with two sewing schools, so that if you aren’t confident to make a Frocktails outfit, they can help you achieve your dream!

Gaye Abandon School of Sewing and Upcycling

Gaye is offering a weekend intensive for budding dressmakers of all genders who would like support to make a fabulous outfit for Melbourne Frocktails.

Under our expert guidance you will make a professional looking and fitting garment that you can wear with confidence and pride! Join the Frocktails fun on November 9th and show off your ‘me-made’ garment


Sew This Pattern

Annie is offering a four week course, to learn how to sew up your dream party dress! Learn how to tackle any tricky fabrics like lace, sequins, and velvet, how to layout patterns and cut correctly, sew tricky seams, pressing and much more. You will end up with a knock-out dress just in time for the Frocktails event on Saturday, November 9th.



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