After the retirement of Kat, Libby and Renay in 2017, we couldn’t let Frocktails fade away.   Shelley and Lisa have taken up the mantle, and are busy preparing Melbourne Frocktails 2018!

So, who are we?!

Shelley: “Hi, I’m Shelley and I sew kids clothes.”  At least that was my intro when I first turned up to a Frocktails party in 2016.  Nowadays my wardrobe is almost entirely me-made but I’d still say “Hi, I’m Shelley and I only know what I’m doing when I sew kid’s clothes, but heck, I’ll try and make anything!” Then I’d accidentally shut my eyes for a photo and wander off to refill my wine glass.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all at Frocktails 2018 and admiring your fabulous grown-up sewing. We can shoot the breeze and just maybe end up talking about painting Pokemon characters on kids t-shirts.


Lisa: Hello!  My back story goes a little like this – many moons ago, I was on a path to study Fashion Design when I left school, and then I thought ‘heck, I don’t need a degree to sew my own clothes!’  So, now I wonder at the life that could have been, as I plunder on with high-school level competency, and self-taught techniques; collecting Vintage patterns and hacking self-drafted one together, based on Fashion House images from Pinterest…

I love nothing more than a good excuse to make a new, fancy outfit, and there’s no better excuse than Frocktails!  So, very much looking forward to meeting old and new friends at the upcoming Frocktails 2018!

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